At GoSafe.ly, we aim to reduce the risk of complications in an emergency and increase the probability of saving lives by making key information available to both first responders and emergency services teams. 

Emergency QR Code Stickers 

In an emergency, people may be unable to communicate key information about themselves to first responders and emergency services teams. Our Emergency QR code stickers can be scanned to access details you choose to share about yourself or the people in your care, such as an allergy, pre-existing medical condition, implanted device, current medications, next of kin and so on.

First Response QR Codes 

In an emergency, seconds save lives. The best thing you can do if you find yourself at the scene of an accident is to call the emergency services. However, while you are waiting for them to arrive, there may be things you can do, or avoid doing, to help the people involved. Many of these actions, such as “elevate a wound” or “do not move anyone involved in a car accident, injured by a serious fall, or found unconscious unless he or she is in immediate danger of further injury” seem obvious, but at a time of heightened emotion and, often, panic, they may not be. In many cases, having read the key points beforehand, or even at the time, can make all the difference.

Our First Response Safety QR codes link directly to a dedicated page that clearly and concisely informs people of the best ways to respond in an emergency situation, arming them with potentially life-saving information. You’ll soon be able to find these QRs on sports gear at events such as marathons, cycling events and more.

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GoSafe.ly - 2018
GoSafe.ly - 2018